1. 1) We stock over 1000 colours making us the largest supplier for stained glass and fusing supplies in Canada

  2. 2) Free, no-strings attached studio space for non-commercial use. Use our grinders, irons, lightboxes and overhead projectors.

  3. 3) Publisher of the Infamous, outspoken Diary of a Demented Store Owner- now found on our Facebook Page

3)  No minimum and no charge for cutting any glass in the store (well, almost- I think it is morally wrong to split a sheet of Fremont mouth blown streaky flashed antique).

  1. 4) A constantly changing selection of free patterns, always numbering well over 150!

  2. 5) A series of free technical sheets on specific topics such as 'How to Patina',

  3. 6) An extensive selection of glass courses and seminars

  4. 7) A permanent selection of sale glass with over 15,000 pieces (I know 'cuzz we just finished inventory Pat)

  5. 8) Free technical advice - in person , carrier pigeon or by phone.

  6. 9) Daily shipping by Bruno, and the boys and girls at UPS and Canada Post

  7. 10) The only store besides one other that accepts Canadian Tire money

11)  Incredibly good looking staff-, especially Mikey.

  1. 11) Enjoy the ambience of FIG while listening to an extensive collection of traditional blues. Mikey's latest discovery is Little Axe. Who they are I have no clue, but they’ve released three strong musically diverse but blues laden CD’s- latest is Stone Cold Ohio. Find out more about them here.

About The Store

We’re Proudly Canadian- see why hereProudly_Canadian.htmlProudly_Canadian.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0

Fantasy In Glass, 703 The Queensway, Toronto, Canada  (Tel: 416-252-6868/1-800-841-5758