Dichroic Glass is a multi layer coating placed on glass by using a highly technical vacuum deposition process. Quartz Crystal and Metal Oxides are Vaporized with an electron beam gun in an airless vacuum chamber and the vapor then floats upward and attaches then condenses on the surface of the glass in the form of a crystal structure. Some colours can have as many as 30 layers of these materials yet the thickness of the total coating is approximately 35 millionths of an inch. The coating that is created is very similar to a gemstone and by careful control in thickness, different colors are obtained. 

What Is It?

CBS Dichroic Information Sheet:

As written by CBS and provided by FIG


When CBS Standard Colours Dichroic Glass is fused or otherwise hot worked the colours will permanently shift toward the next lighter colours (moving toward Y/V).  This is a key point in understanding the process that CBS has taken in the creation of its Standard Colours. For example; a piece of CYAN/COPPER when fused will become more like a BLUE/GOLD sheet. The exact amount of colours shift must be experimentally determined by the Artist for the particular process being used. The shift will be dependent on the highest temperature and the length of time that the coating is exposed to the elevated temperatures. After some experimentation you will be able to predict the colours that should be used to reach the end result desired. In general, the colours of a sheet of Dichroic glass while looking at it from a 45 degree angle, will look like the end result colours when hot worked (This rule applies to all CBS Dichroic colours)- a quick way to estimate what final colours an artist is looking for.

Standard Colours: Yellow/Violet, Yellow/Purple, Yellow/Blue, Pink/Teal, Magenta/Green, Blue/Gold, Cyan/Copper, Cayan/Red, Cyan/Dark Red, Cyan/Dark Dark Red, Rainbow 1


Specialty Colours were created in response to customer input as well as experimental design.  Our success at creating a brilliant reflective colours is evident.  These specialty colours, when fused or otherwise hot worked, remain relatively the same colours.  With a minimal shift these colours remain their true vibrant colours whether coated on black glass or clear glass.  (Note: The transmitted colours is not noted due to the fact that these colours were created mainly for their reflective properties, but they have become just as popular on clear glass as on black glass.)

Specialty Colours: Purple, Salmon, Violet, Emerald, Candy Apple Red, Black Cherry, Mixture,  and Aqua


Premium Colours also remain relatively the same colours when fused or otherwise hot worked.  Green/Magenta is the only exception.  This Dichroic colours shifts to an intense Hot-Pink.

Premium Colours: Green/Magenta, Green/Magenta Blue, green/Pink, Silver, Red/Silver Blue, Rainbow 2 


Patterns are all coated in a “Rainbow Configuration.”  This means that a Dichroic coated pattern sheet will have all the colours of the rainbow in a gentle arch across the sheet.  For example: A square pattern will have uniform squares across the entire sheet as the squares gradually change from one colours to the next in an arch from one side of the sheet to the other.  When fused or otherwise hot worked, each colours of the rainbow will shift toward one colours lighter, much like the standard colours shift.  For example: The CYAN/COPPER section of the pattern sheet will shift toward BLUE/GOLD, etc.

Patterns: Brick 1, Square 1/2, Square 1, Square 2, Square 3, Dot 1, Dot 2, Dot 3, Marquis 1, Marquis 2, Honeycomb, Puzzle Pattern, Geodesic Pattern


Specialty Patterns have many different colours on the same sheet, in all kinds of configurations of colours.  The same rules apply though.  Each colours of the rainbow will shift one colours lighter (toward Yellow/Violet) when fused or otherwise hot worked.

Specialty Patterns: Balloons 1, Balloons 3, Boxes 1, Boxes 2, Reptilian, Puzzle Pattern, Geodesic Pattern, Splatter, Target Rainbow, Target Half Rainbow, Aurora Borealis, Pixie Stix, Fusion Pattern, Hot Lava, Rainbow Stripes

Premium Patterns: Splinter Rainbow, Cool Lava, Rainbow 2 Plus


Customize this coating with any glass color, pattern or glass type. This is an exclusive dichroic coating that fuses rough with a brilliant colored course texture. When fusing with the coating exposed or capped, the surface crinkles and crystallizes profusely sending thousands of miniature crystalline-like mirrors upward, positioning themselves in different

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