We know that our Catalogue is pathetic but it does not reflect on our abilities as lowly shopkeepers-. We always answer emails/phonecalls and will try to help you best that way.  We carry less and more than is here due to the changing situation with suppliers.

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Fantasy In Glass, 703 The Queensway, Toronto, Canada  (Tel: 416-252-6868/1-800-841-5758)



Now shipping over 230 colours and styles of glass in 6" x 6" squares anywhere in Canada for a disgustingly low  $5.00 whether it’s one or 100 pcs!!

All Sys96 glass which is also perfect for your stained glass projects.

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  1. *Note: Spectrum no longer exists but production is now ongoing by a new company located in Mexico. As such, availability of the new Oceanside (nee Spectrum Glass) is slow to come to market and supply is unsure at the moment