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How to order:

You typically order a kiln by size- but remember, kilns are like a boat- as soon as you buy one you already want one bigger. So take note of the size specs above (the number on the kiln is somewhat useless as a 2309 is 23” inside but a #117 is 14.5” inside?!. See?

The G114 and B3K117 and the new ‘FIGGYKILN’ all run on regular 120 volt- just plug it in household current (toast Pop-Tarts first)(the 120v FIGGYKILN requires a 20 amp circuit)(. All other (larger ) kilns run on 240volt (like a stove- don’t ask Vanna Opal what that is, she doesn’t know- she uses the phone to cook...),

If the kiln includes a Bartlet computer controller that’s what the B3K stands for. Don’t want a controller, scratch out the B3K and write down G and save a few bucks.  We can also put on a 6 button Bartlet controller for an extra $185.00, but when you talk to our staff they’ll talk you out of it anyway. Most kilns are 9” high (hence the 9 in the #). We can order you one ar 13” for a few bucks more. Other features such as lid lifters, additional shelves and kiln furniture also available- just ask. Delivery across Canada available on all models.