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Call 416-252-6868 (toll-free 1-800-841-5758) to place your order.

or by on-line order form found here.

Shipping is available anywhere in Canada (1/2 hour later in Newfoundland).

Secure Ordering

To maintain a high level of security we process your credit card and personal information by asking you for that stuff over the phone when you call our toll-free number or after you’ve filled out our order form. We don't use encrypted transmissions to a secured server because we're not sure what that means and quite frankly that scares us, but we are going to look into it. In Canada call toll-free 1-800-841-5758 to place an order (easy, eh?!).

Alternate Ordering Methods

If and when you have finished laughing you can print out the FIG Web Specials page as if it were an authentic shopping cart order form and fax it to us at 416-252-8915, with your credit card, shipping and contact info suitably scrawled on said page. As for security, the fax machine is in Mikey's office, more commonly referred to as the Ivory Tower and is an area of the store that strikes fear and loathing into anyone who enters it.

You also can make use of a computer when your spouse/children  aren’t using it for less noble causes, and send us an email at, detailing what you might want to order, along with a call-back telephone number.

Payment & Shipping Costs

For payment of your purchases we accept Visa or Mastercard in Canadian funds. Heck on a slow day Mikey's even been known to accept Canadian Tire money. We regret we can no longer can accept any other means of payment as our barnyard is now full. Shipping costs will be added to your purchase. They will be calculated based upon the weight, size, destination and odour of the package as well as the mood of the shipping department that day. We suggest you try to avoid Mondays. Merchandise will be shipped via Canada Post or UPS which ever is more economical, although Pat prefers the nice brown shorts that Bruno from UPS is inclined to wear on occasion.


If you have a problem with any merchandise we will gladly provide you with a list of our competitors(kidding...Mikey). Just call us toll free for assistance or return authorization within 48 hours of receipt. All returned items must be in the original unopened factory packaging. If not, a bottle of VSOP Brandy must accompany the return.


Parts of Quantum Theory suggest that when you are not directly observing these products, they fail to exist, or exist in an undefinable and poorly understood fashion. The manufacturers,

therefore cannot guarantee their function or existence.

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