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Returns and Stuff

If you have a problem with any merchandise we will gladly provide you with a list of our competitors (kidding...Mikey). Just call us toll free for assistance or return authorization

within 48 hours of receipt. All returned items must be in the original unopened factory packaging. If not, a bottle of VSOP Brandy must accompany the return.

*And most of this stuff can be shipped ANYWHERE IN CANADA!  (1/2 hour later in Newfoundland)*

NB: While we have rare problems shipping glass (Mikey has a system with stacked pizza boxes that is a joy to behold) it must be assumed that once it leaves our store we no longer have control. Some breakage may occur that is beyond our influence or responsibility.

NB: As a rule, we cut sale squares into 6”x12” for shipping unless you specify otherwise.

Like our Antiques (mostly oak)?  Some are for sale - take a look here


Just in case Mikey fails to post the current sales here, go to our Facebook Page as they are there for sure!-

Current Sales- 2019

Feb. 19 to March 2


Feb. 5 to Feb. 23

Feb. 5 to ?

Feb. 5 to ?

Feb. 12 to March 2

Feb.19 to March 9

Feb.15 to March 9