A quote from Paul Crist, Owner of Odyssey, and Paul Crist Studios

"Stipple is a revolutionary development. There is nothing like it on the market. I am very excited for Youghiogheny's new stipple glass. The remarkable quality about stipple glass is the unique way in which it disperses light. Traditional mottled glasses impart an orangish gray cast to the glass. This is particularly noticeable in cool flower colors - red, pinks, magentas - which appear deadened by the fluorines mottles. Stipple glass works on the whole different principle. It uses a crystalline inner structure to disperse the light, allowing color to come through the glass unaltered by the opal. Greens are crisp and leafy; reds are pure ruby; pinks and magentas sing with a vibrancy never seen before in art glass. The artists here at Paul Crist Studios have used stipple glass in a number of recent lamps, and attest that it's the perfect glass to make lamps with."


Yogi Stipple

Art Glass

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