Bullseye Rodz or

Bullseye Rods for Lampworking

(you say Tomato I say Tomatoe)


Fantasy In Glass, 703 The Queensway, Toronto, Canada  (Tel: 416-252-6868/1-800-841-5758)


Even as we have decided to stop carrying Bullseye glass products, we still have the most complete selection of Rodz anywhere in Canada, and with this massive sale, the best pricing as well.

Massive Sale Bullseye Rodz!

All prices above are per 1/2 lb (8-10 Rodz).

Yes, that is how much I used to love BULLSEYE RODZ

Aurora (sold out)

Aurora 2 (sold out)

Deep Aubergene (sold out)

Raspberry Cream

Heriloom Tomato




Light Turquoise Blue


Reactive Cloud

Lavender Blush Tint

Special Production/Limited Edition Rodz

Forest Mist

Opaque Bluestone

Robins Egg BLue

Light Pink Sapphrine

Dark Aventurine Blue

Hematite Lustre

Robin’s Egg Blue

Very Fine Purple

Vintage Rose

Blue-Green Algae (sold out)


Marbled Pink

Passing The Flame Book

“The best step by step book on lampworking. Reading the book is like having glass bead artist Corina Tettinger standing behind you, teaching you how to make glass beads with fun, pretty and interesting designs. You can take the book and read it from cover to cover, and then go back, countless times, and read the sections you want a refresher on. I've read the book at several times, and still use it as a reference guide on a regular basis.

Passing the Flame is chock full with tips, techniques, funny comments true to Corina's style. It is an enjoyable, useful, inspirational and beautiful book with hundreds of color pictures, and step by step descriptions on glass beadmaking. I can highly recommend it.”

On Sale...... $58.88

Almost New Oxygen Concentrators

Do away with those pesky, inconvenient and dangerous Oxygen tanks, and get virtually free oxygen from these almost new, very low hours concentrators!

Heck, even if you stop lampworking you can use it and rent it out to your friends as a hangover remedy!

On Sale...... $488.88

All Special Production Pricing category ‘D’